All About TrafficDito

EDSA super traffic! Been here 2 hours now. FML.

This was a tweet from someone who was obviously upset and stuck in traffic.

Although we were thankful we weren’t on EDSA at that moment, we still felt terrible for these people on the road.

So we thought, what if we built a website that would allow people here in Manila to see the current traffic status of areas they were headed to? We can already see it --- they would check TrafficDito FIRST before leaving their homes, workplaces, schools and even malls! When they see the traffic status ahead of time, they can either 1) avoid it or 2) expect it!

The result? Reduced traffic-related anger not just online (well, on Twitter mainly) but also in cars, jeepneys, buses, tricycles and cabs!

Our theory is that well-informed commuters and drivers mean calmer heads, less road rage... and younger-looking faces! We have to start getting rid of traffic as one of the sources of stress for Manila travelers including ourselves. And we better do it soon.

By ‘soon’ we meant that same night. And that’s how TrafficDito was conceived! Just a bunch of internet geeks, in the office on a Friday night because they didn’t want to get stuck on EDSA. What a great way to spend our Friday night... building a website! \m/

Armed with a steady supply of Chippy, Chiz Curls, Chocolait and Coke Zero (we wanted to write fruits and vegetables but we’d be lying), we agreed that something should be done about the hellish Manila traffic all of us have to endure day in day out especially around 7 to 9 am and 6 to 8 pm.

While it may look fairly simple, this website was a project that had us fighting... for junk food to last us until the next iteration. Our next goal? Eating healthier while creating the real deal ‘next big thing’ on the Interwebz.

Wondering who designed TrafficDito? Who created the super complex algorithm? Or who the ‘product manager’ is? We’ll tell you... if you find us!

Have any other questions (that’s not about our identities)? Don’t be shy, you can send us an email. Or you can check our FAQ section, it has almost everything you can possibly ask us.

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Traffic Fun Facts

  1. Average number of vehicles that pass through EDSA every day

    2.34 million
  2. Annual losses due to Metro Manila traffic

    $3.6 billion
  3. Air pollution in Manila from automobile traffic

  4. Average speed of a vehicle in Metro Manila

    12.6 kilometers / hour